Ciucaté - Branding and wine labelling

Client: Ciucaté / Dotari Wines
Project: Ciucaté wine label
Year: 2014

Commissioned to create a wine label for the Sangiovesian Dotari family who just like it’s founder Claudio produces a simple and honest wine in the countryside of southeast Italy, the brief was to create something contemporary, minimal and stylish so heres what i did...

01. Hand-cut type
The first stages of brainstorming brought me back to basics using paper and scissors to find an authentic and organic
look using geometrical shapes for the lettering giving it a unique handmade feel.

02 & 03. Organic and original
Cut out by hand to give an asymmetrical and unique look reflecting the genuine process of the wine production.
The shapes work great as a “shelf popper” as well as an iconic highly rememberable image and can be further recycled
into ideas such as patterns and other adv materials.

04. The label
Harmony is created between the playful lettering in contrast the clean sans-serif font Helvetica Neue.

05. Final Look
A minimal, bold and timeless look ensures the brand to stand out and grow stronger with time assuring originality among
it's competition.

06 & 07. Patterns and Extensions
The geometric shapes of the logo are rearranged forming an abstract and playful pattern that can be used as additional adv