Settantase77e - Calligraphy / Hand lettering

Client: Cantina Colli Ripani, Agency: Andrea Castelletti, Project:Calligraphy, Year:2014
Additional credits:
Concept and Design: Andrea Castelletti, Creative Director: Andrea Castelletti, Art Directors / Graphic Designers: Andrea Castelletti, Camilla Gatti, Copywriters: Camila Boselli, Mila Ligugnana, Tania Loschi, Alessandro Monestiroli, Gabriele Moschin, Hand Lettering: Andrea Castelletti, Alberto Baccari, Camilla Gatti, Daniel Annbjer, Martino Spreafico , Video Production: Juan Ricardo Hernández, Photo: Hans Leopold Helm

Commissioned to join as one of the five designers part of the team lead by Andrea Castelletti for Cantina Colli Ripani I'm honoured to share some selected parts from my contribution of the Marche Passerina bottle, to see the full project click on this link..





My bottle on far right